Saturday, April 9, 2011

Six Months in Review

Ladies and gentlemen, I have been blogging for six months!


Because I love to organize and analyze, I figured that the six-month mark was a good time to reflect on all of my posts and see just what I've ended up writing about.

When I started Seven Wonders, I wasn't entirely sure what direction it would take. I just knew that my inquisitive, wondering mind would figure out plenty of topics to ponder, using a blog as the platform.

If you are new to my blog, this review will assist you in navigating through my older posts. If you have read one or two, a few, several, many, most or even all of my posts (thank you!), you might find what I've found to be interesting.

I was able to divide all of my posts into five categories:

1. How our minds work: psychological kinds of questions I have/phenomena I wonder about (7 posts)
2. Personal stories and experiences (and their significance, and hopefully what you can glean from them) (7 posts)
3. Inspirational posts/encouragement for you (7 posts)
4. Personal poetry/creative writing (4 posts)
5. My thoughts on certain holidays/celebrations (3 posts)

I found that the three topics of how the mind works, my personal stories and inspirational encouragement have shared equal portions of my blog. That wasn't intentional, so it's interesting. I haven't posted much of my own creative writing, but as I mentioned last week, I hope to change that, but still make sure I include in the post what I thought or wondered about that inspired me to write the piece (to stay true to my blog's purpose).

Below are the links to each post under each category heading, in case you'd like to peruse them by category instead of by date!

If you have any comments, requests or suggestions, let me know!

Thanks again for reading,


1. How our minds work: psychological questions and phenomena I wonder about:

The Baby and The Dog
Um...and Similar-Sounding Pause-Fillers
The Physical Space Between
Perceptual Vigilance
Smell Memories
Long-Term Memories: What You Didn't Realize You Knew
Gut Feelings

2. Personal stories and experiences:

The Comfort Maple
Gluten Freedom
Head Over Heels for Hayden
The Baby Beacon
Food for Thought
Books, Books, Books
Ironic Renovation

3. Inspirational/encouragement:

The Wonder of the Working Mother
Serenity Now
Balance: Mind and Body
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful
The Choreography of Life
The Definition of You
The Stickers

4. Poetry/creative writing:

Wonderful Christmas: Dichotomies and All
Tribute to the Wind
Poetry Corner

5. Holidays/celebrations:

Wonderful Christmas: Dichotomies and All
Back to the Stable
On the Origin of St. Valentine's Day

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