Friday, October 15, 2010


Music is so abstract. It's tangible, but you can't see it. You can visualize it, but you can't really touch it. You can hear it and even when you can't, you can still feel it inside. You can taste it as though it was full of flavour or hear it with grave distaste. Music can force you to move even though it isn't there physically pushing you. Music is so abstract.

I want to sing. I want to project the happiness, the passion and the emotion already emanating from the sound. The sound. I want to express the sound I hear myself. I want to create my own music. You can't see how I make the sound - you can only hear it. Oh, the mystery and the melody of sound. Normal sound taken to a new level. A breakthrough. The same way that singing is a on a different level than speaking, musical sound is that of another plane of reality.

Could we survive without music? Or would we be zombies with pasty gray complexions, wandering monotone across the scales of life? Maybe we would still live; maybe our hearts would slowly beat - but our emotional centres would be hollow. We'd have no radio industry, no performances, no soundtracks, no recording equipment, no instruments, no night clubs, no dance classes, no movement, no expression, no vibrancy, no colour, no inspiration...

...could we survive?

I can't see music, but I can feel it moving people around me. I can't reach out and touch it, but somehow it has reached out and touched my soul. Music.

Check out some of my and my sister's music (Zusters):

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